Dear interpreters:

Independent interpreters hired by private parties keep facing obstacles in court. One of our colleagues has reported to AIJIC that after she was hired by an agency to interpret at a hearing at the Santa Ana court in Orange County on June 21, 2017, the court clerk informed her that they’d use the staff interpreter instead because “that’s just the way we do it here.”

We’ve forwarded the specifics for this latest instance to our lobbyists,
DiMare, Brown, Hicks & Kessler, just like we did when similar things happened in Santa Ana last year.

During the last couple of months, our lobbyists have been in talks with key Sacramento officials in order to explore introducing a bill that amends the current language in the
Court Interpreter Act. This statute specifically indicates that judges “may” appoint an independent interpreter hired by the parties. Getting the California legislature to replace “may” with “shall” would be a difficult and costly fight that exceeds AIJIC’s resources and which most likely would fail, but our lobbyists continue working on our behalf by being in close communication with the California Judges Association in order to address these troubling instances that threaten the livelihood of independent court interpreters.

If you are an independent court interpreter and haven’t joined as an AIJIC member yet, please do so by clicking
here. We need the funds to keep fighting for our profession and to defend the rights of independents.

Warm regards,

The AIJIC Team