Back in January we announced that we’d retained Greenfire Law to request production of internal court policies, if any, that might be used as a basis to deny independent court interpreters their right to work in court when they’re hired by the parties. We wanted to update you on where we are regarding this matter:
Los Angeles County has indicated that there are no documents to produce, so our attorneys will next request a meeting with court administrators to discuss the policy regarding independent interpreters hired by a private party.
Orange County claimed exemptions to disclosure of public records which our attorneys researched. Their conclusion was that the exemptions cited by Orange County are inapplicable to the type of records requested, so a follow up letter from our attorneys will be sent next week to court administrators indicating this.
Contra Costa County has failed to produce documents or respond within the legal timeframe, so our attorneys will file a complaint in Superior Court against Contra Costa for failing to respond to AIJIC’s public records request.
We’ll keep you updated on the developments.