Dear Members and Fellow Colleagues:

As independent interpreters, we value our autonomy and freedom to handle our time and our business affairs as best befits our individual needs and aspirations. We also face particular challenges that require us ALL to take an active role in issues that will impact on the long-term viability of our profession.

As AIJIC fights the proposed fee schedule for Workers’ Compensation matters, it’s also intensifying its efforts to get the Judicial Council to increase the statewide daily compensation rate for contract certified and registered interpreters. These rates have not been revised since August 2007 in spite of significant cost of living increases. Court employee interpreters have achieved pay increases in the last couple of years through their own concerted efforts.

We’ve been in communication with Marlene Smith, Supervising Court Services Analyst at the Judicial Council of California, and requested a meeting about this matter on numerous occasions. So far no progress has been made.

Our next step is to sponsor and submit a statewide petition to the Judicial Council of California (JC) to raise the rates paid to independent interpreters. We ask ALL certified and registered court interpreters in California to please print, sign and send one of the two petitions below to our mailing address below, no later than August 31, 2015:

171 Pier Avenue #461
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Alternatively, you may email a signed, scanned version of the petition to:

AIJIC wishes to thank Spanish Certified Court Interpreter and AIJIC member, Joel E. Rubert, J.D., for authoring this petition.

Independents must come together and ACT NOW. Join us and let your voices be heard. Pressure brings about results. The success of our campaign will depend on your level of participation.

Help us protect our profession.

Download petition for Certified Interpreters

Download petition for Registered Interpreters