The following brief was submitted to the Department of Industrial Relations on 5/18/2015. It was drafted by AIJIC’s lobbyist, attorney Ed Howard, from Howard Advocacy. The brief contains legal arguments opposing the interpreters’ fee schedule proposed by the‎ Department of Industrial Relations for Workers Comp proceedings.

Click below to read the full brief, including our comments on the study from the Berkeley Research Group, hired by the DIR to come up with suggested fees. The various legal arguments made in our brief convey the implicit threat of a lawsuit against the Department of Industrial Relations.

In the next couple of months, our lobbyist will ‎be contacting Legislature leaders, consultants in the Labor Committees and organized labor about this matter in order to convey all the concerns expressed in our brief. We’ll keep you posted on that and on the date and location for public comments, as soon as this is announced.

Click below to read the full brief:

Fee Schedule Brief Submitted to DIR – May 2015