Dear interpreter:

AIJIC is starting a petition to request the Administrative Office of the US Courts to make the list of federally certified interpreters available online.

Currently, the full list of names can only be accessed by US District Court personnel. Only a partial list is available to the public for federally certified interpreters who contract with the courts. Not every interpreter with federal certification is on that list.

We believe that like every other profession, interpreting credentials should be available to the public in order to avoid misrepresentations.

Please help us get the Administrative Office of the US Courts to seriously consider this matter by printing out the letter below, signing, dating it and emailing it to no later than June 30, 2017.

Best regards,

The AIJIC Team

* * *

Robert Lowney
Chief, Courts Programs Division
Administrative Office of the United States Courts
1 Columbus Circle Northeast, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 502-2600

Dear Mr. Lowney:

We’re contacting you to respectfully request that you consider making available to the public an online list of federally certified court interpreters.

The current full roster is only available to US District Courts staff, and the local lists that the public can access do not include every federally certified court interpreter nationwide, since those lists only feature interpreters who contract with the federal courts.

In this day and age, professional accreditation for countless fields, if not all of them, can be easily verified online, something which is of utmost importance to the public and parties who utilize a specific professional for services. If that verification process were not available to the public, it would result in many individuals with no proper accreditation to misrepresent their credentials and practice in areas that they should stay away from. This would in turn create potential adverse results for many of the parties involved. Federally certified interpreters should be no different.

One of the arguments that the Administrative Office of the US Courts has presented in the past to explain the absence of a full online roster of federally certified court interpreters available to the public is that there are concerns that such a list would violate the privacy of those interpreters. All court interpreters nationwide are not only listed in some kind of online state roster available to the public, but also wish to be featured in these public rosters since they take pride in their credentials.

However, if the Administrative Office of the US Courts is truly concerned about the remote possibility that a specific court interpreter would prefer for his or her name not to appear on a public online list, then it could take action to give those interpreters the opportunity to opt out. The most effective way to do this would be to email all federally certified court interpreters to inform them that a public online list will be made available for the public effective on, for example August 15, 2017 unless an interpreter specifically requests to be excluded from such a list before a specific date. However, we really feel that this remote concern should not be a reason to prevent such a list to be available to the public.

Please help protect the hard earned credentials of federally certified interpreters.


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