Earlier this year, AIJIC advised that several independents had received an email from the Contra
Costa Superior Court indicating that starting on 1/25/2018, Contra Costa would be covering all
civil cases and that all interpretation work done on the record would be done by an employee
Our attorneys contacted Contra Costa regarding this matter, and court administrators have
advised that another email was subsequently sent out to independent contractors where it was
indicated that the court had revised the previously mentioned policy, and that judges do have
authority to appoint an interpreter hired by the parties (click here to read the full email).
AIJIC is still communicating through its counsel with the Los Angeles and Orange County courts
to get to the bottom of these troubling instances where independent court interpreters hired
by private parties were prevented from interpreting in court. Our attorneys
have requested production of internal court policies, if any, that might be used as a basis to
deny privately hired interpreters their right to work in court and use staff interpreters instead.
Although no new cases have been reported to us recently, if you’re not allowed to interpret in
court, please address the judge directly and report it to our organization.
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We will keep you posted on the developments.