The AIJIC board is currently tackling one of the most troubling issues that independents hired by private parties keep facing in court, namely being prevented from working there due to obscure orders of unknown origin or basis. For this purpose, we have retained Greenfire Law from Berkeley to deal with the Orange County and Los Angeles courts, where these unfortunate instances have taken place in 2016 and 2017.
Our attorneys, Rachel Doughty and Ryan Bailey, have cited Rule 10.500 of the California Rules of Court to request production of internal court policies, if any, that might be used as a basis to deny privately hired interpreters their right to work in court and use staff interpreters instead. If such a policy were to exist, it could be in direct conflict with California law. Our attorneys will pursue this issue with court counsel and if needed, challenge it through litigation.
For this reason, if you’re not allowed to interpret in court, please report it to our organization. Email us the particulars to, including the date of the incident, courthouse, department, case name, the name of the judge and a brief description of who told you that you were not allowed to interpret. The more documented instances we have, the more it will help our attorneys build their case.
We will keep you posted on the developments.
Thank you as usual for your continuous support as a member.