In the last couple of months, some independents hired by a private party have not been allowed to interpret in some court departments whenever there was a staff interpreter assigned to those specific departments.

Court administrative personnel have cited Assembly Bill Number 1657 as a basis for this policy. Since this bill does not preclude a party from hiring his own interpreter if he wishes to do so, AIJIC is exploring legal options in order to challenge this very questionable policy.

In the meantime, if you’re not allowed to interpret in court if hired by an agency or an attorney‎, please let us know immediately by emailing us to, since we need to document each instance where this occurs. In your email please include:

• Date
• Court location and department number
• Case name and number
• Type of case
• The name of the judge
• What reason you were given for being turned away, if any

Independents are facing challenges like never before and we need your help to defend our profession.

Please join AIJIC as a member by clicking here. Lobbyists and attorneys cost money and we need additional and steady funds in order to effectively defend our right to freely continue working in the private sector without arbitrary and nonsensical rules that threaten our livelihoods.

Be proactive. Help us take action.