The Association of Independent Judicial Interpreters of California has hired a lobbyist to fight the proposed fee schedule for interpreters for Workers Comp. proceedings, which the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) announced on 4/27/2015. Our lobbyist is Ed Howard, the principal and founder of Howard Advocacy. Click here to read more about him.

Please help us raise funds to pay for our lobbyist by becoming an AIJIC member (click here to join).

The DIR announced the following suggested rates:
For Spanish: $210 for a half day and $388 for a full day.
For all other languages: $240 for a half day and $418 for a full day.
These rates do not take into consideration the role of agencies as intermediaries in the hiring process, which would most likely reduce even more what an interpreter gets paid if the proposed fee schedule gets implemented.

Additionally, the DIR continues to define the duration of a half day deposition up to 3.5 hours, and a full day up to 8 hours. It also asserts the authority of a physician or a claims administrator to use the services of a provisionally certified interpreter for medical treatment appointments and medical-legal exams.

Even if you only work in civil and criminal or do conferences, an adverse fee schedule in Workers’ Comp would affect all of us. It would mean that many court interpreters will stop taking WC assignments and instead flock to other arenas, thus saturating the market and driving the fees down.

Do not be a passive bystander and watch our profession go down the drain.

We believe that all the above seriously threatens the future of our profession, but we can’t fight this on our own. Please take action and help us protect our profession.