Saturday December 12, 2015 – 9am to 12.00pm

2501 W. 237th Street, Suite A –   Torrance, CA 90505

* Jesús Rivera, Spanish State and Federally Certified Court Interpreter
* Lijuan Ma, Mandarin State Certified Court Interpreter

3 CIMCE Units, # L3773. For all languages. Free parking.

Online registration for this event is now closed. If you wish to attend the event you can pay at the door. We hope to see you there!

Registration at the door: $70

If you wish to pay over the phone, email us to Somebody from our organization will contact you.

Should you interpret in the Consecutive or Simultaneous mode?

How should you handle an attorney who questions your interpretation?

What do you do if you are hired for a full day and the deposition only goes a few hours?

What if the deposition doesn’t go forward at all?

What should you do if they want you to start at 11 am and bill a half day?

What should you do if they want you to be there 30 minutes earlier as a courtesy arrival time?

Find out all the answers to these questions and many more at our 3 hour CIMCE approved workshop for all languages, whether you’re just getting started or whether you’ve been doing it for a while and you just want to come, participate and share your own experiences with the newer interpreters.