On Friday 1/15/16, AIJIC board members met in Oakland with Christine Baker (Director of the Department of Industrial Relations), Destie Overpeck (Administrative Director of the Division of Workers’ Compensation) and Alan S. Hersh, Special Counsel for the DWC Legal Unit. AIJIC lobbyist, Ed Howard, was also present.

At the meeting, AIJIC President Mariana Bension-Larkin, and AIJIC Vice-President Jesús Rivera, conveyed to state officials independent court interpreters’ concerns about the fee schedule proposal released last year (click here for the full DIR proposal). Ms. Baker, Ms. Overpeck and Mr. Hersh candidly acknowledged the backlash that this issue generated, and assured that soon a new proposal with revisions will be announced, among them:

* Higher rates
* No difference between rates for Spanish and other languages
* Stricter conditions for the use of non-certified interpreters for WC proceedings

More importantly, the new proposal will keep the current provision that allows the parties to negotiate rates regardless of the fees set forth in the DIR proposal.

We wish to thank all our members for their support, which has allowed us to get this far.

AIJIC will continue to closely follow this issue and announce any new developments.