Saturday June 2, 2018
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Crowne Plaza LAX
5985 W Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045
For all languages.

— Jesús Rivera, Spanish State and Federally Certified Court Interpreter
— Lorena Barrett, Spanish State and Federally Certified Court Interpreter

Parking: $6

An overview of the elements of a deposition, its various dos and don’ts and tips when facing
challenges during these sometimes highly-charged judicial proceedings. For newly certified
interpreters who are just getting started or for those who’ve been doing it for a while

and want to share their experiences with the newer interpreters.
* Door registration: 80

* Non-Member: $65 * Member: $45


 Should you interpret in the Consecutive or Simultaneous mode?

How should you handle an attorney who questions your interpretation?

What do you do if you are hired for a full day and the deposition only goes a few hours?

 What if the deposition doesn’t go forward at all?
What should you do if they want you to be there 30 minutes earlier

as a courtesy arrival time?

Find out all the answers to these questions and many more at our 3-hour CIMCE approved
workshop for all languages. Plus a Q&A about interpreting in the private sector

after the class.

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