Lecturer: Dustin Woo, CPA

Saturday September 19, 2015 – 10am to 12.00pm

Venue: 2501 W. 237th Street Suite A – Torrance, CA 90505

Participants will be eligible to get a professional business headshot taken
at no cost, after class completion, by professional photographer Noel Brohner.

Admission: $75 (for members and non-members)

For All Languages – Free Parking

taxes 2

Is a Sole Proprietorship the best way to do business?

Should you report earnings under $600, even with no 1099?

Can you deduct all your cell phone bill‎, or just part of it?

Can you deduct your health care premiums?

What are the best retirement plans for self-employed people?

Can you deduct ‎gas, car repairs and car lease payments?

Can you deduct the clothes you buy for work?

Can you deduct the food you buy when you break for lunch during an all day deposition?

Find out the answers to these questions (and many more) at our Tax Tips for Independent Contractors class.

This is not a CIMCE class. It was put together in order to educate independent contractor interpreters on tax matters.

If you’re an independent contractor, you can use the admission price as a business expense.