Earlier this year AIJIC filed requests, pursuant to the California Public Records Request Act, with the courts of Los Angeles and Orange counties to produce records to explain why the policy of preventing privately hired interpreters from interpreting in the courtroom was implemented in the first place.
Los Angeles Superior Court produced some records, none of which explain why clerks have been turning away privately hired interpreters.
Orange County, in spite of months of back and forth, refused to produce records, therefore AIJIC has filed suit. As a result of our lawsuit Orange County court counsel have reached out to our attorneys to attempt to reach a solution. 
Although no additional cases of privately hired interpreters being prevented from interpreting in the courtroom have been reported to us since May of this year, we consider this matter disturbing enough to demand answers from the courts to hold them accountable and hopefully dissuade them from implementing this policy again in the future. Our attorneys also keep pursuing a meeting with Tani Cantil-Sakauye, chair of the Judicial Council of California, in order to bring this matter to her attention, although this process has taken longer than expected.
We’ve also filed a complaint on this matter with the Department of Justice.