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The Latest Threat to Independents

AIJIC has learned through its lobbyist, Mandy Lee from Omni Government Relations, that language has been introduced in the budget trailer bill seeking to lower the maximum number of days that the California courts would be allowed to hire independent court interpreters in one calendar year. The current cap is 100 days. The new cap, if approved, will be 50 days. Please click here for more information (see last page for details).

The 50 day cap could be incorporated into the final budget that needs to be signed by the Governor by 6/30. We don't know if the Governor is supporting this proposal, but we do know that all the negative policy changes that have been affecting independent contractors in the last years has a lot to do with our voice not being heard enough in Sacramento. Because of this, we've engaged Mandy Lee to represent us in talks that are happening right now and to meet with key officials to convey our message.

AIJIC will pay for this lobbying effort for one month from its own funds, but it’s unlikely that one month alone of lobbying will be enough. Because of this, we'll be starting a fundraiser effort to raise the money needed to help us pay our lobbyist. If you can afford to make a donation, we'd really appreciate your help. Lobbying isn't cheap, but Mandy Lee is a formidable advocate with the expertise and connections that enabled us to get an exemption from AB5 last year. We trust that if anybody can help us, it’s her.

Can you afford to make a donation for AIJIC to fight this latest move against independent court interpreters? If so, please use any of the following payment methods. If no lobbying is needed after 7/15/2021, all donations will be returned.

---PayPal: donations can be sent directly to us through the Friends and Family option via email to

---Venmo: username @ AIJIC-Interpreters.

---Check: AIJIC, 18653 Ventura Blvd., Suite 429, Tarzana, CA 91356 (checks should be made out to AIJIC).

We cannot fight for independent court interpreters without support from independent court interpreters.

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