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From One Legal System to Another
(3 CIMCEs, 11/4/2023)

Translating Legal Terms Based
on Functional Equivalency
9:00 am to 12:00 pm 

Instructor: Sandro Tomasi, New York staff court interpreter   

ON 11/3 AT 8 PM PST.

Saturday November 4, 2023

AIJIC members: $40

Non-members: $55

For all languages.


Translating Legal Terms Based on Functional Equivalency
(L6703 - 3 Instructor-Led Units)
Legal interpretation and translation are not only about translating words
from one language to another but, in many cases, from one legal system to another.
Therefore, it is vital for court interpreters to be mindful of the legal concepts
behind the terms used.

This language-neutral workshop focuses on how to deal with the following:
1) Words that may have more than one translation. 
2) Words that don’t exactly match from target to source.
3) Ambiguous words, emphasizing legal transfer instead of mere linguistic transfer.

Saturday 11/4/2023 (Remote)
9:00 am to 12:00 pm PST
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--- Non-members: $55 
--- AIJIC members: $40

Sandro Tomasi is a New York State staff court interpreter, a medical interpreter 
certified by the State of Washington and the author of "An English-Spanish Dictionary of Criminal Law and Procedure." He has trained countless professionals in conferences and workshops, and has taught interpretation and terminology courses for Hostos College, Queens College, New Mexico Center for Language Access, New York Task Force on Immigrant Health and NYU School of Medicine, Beth Israel Health Care System in New York, and Austral University School of Law in Argentina.

(AIJIC thanks Sandro for kindly donating this class.)

By taking these classes, you will be supporting AIJIC
and our goals (click here for more info)

No refunds after 10/28/2023


According to Judicial Council 3.2.3 General Guideline for Continuing Education compliance requirements, CIMCE credit will be awarded only after completion of the entire educational activity. 
Partial attendance does not qualify for CIMCE credit.


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