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Unpaid Invoices?

If an agency or an attorney has not paid you for your services and it’s been at least 90 days since the date you submitted your invoice, but not more than a year, please contact us. We can send a demand letter on your behalf and eventually assist you with Small Claims.


Please note that we only assist AIJIC members with non payment issues and that whoever requests our help needs to be an AIJIC member when he or she took the job in question. AIJIC reserves the right to request written evidence from the member asking for assistance showing that terms and conditions were clearly defined beforehand, and that the member followed up on payment before requesting AIJIC's help. AIJIC will assess requests for assistance on a case by case basis and determine its involvement, if any, or if a specific vendor will be added to the list of agencies and attorneys reported to us.


Please read about our additional terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

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Terms and Conditions

Effective March 1, 2016, AIJIC no longer intervenes in non-payment issues if the delinquent agency or law firm is on our black list and the interpreter requesting our help was an AIJIC member when the information was made available to him or her.


If we're helping a member who's owed money, somebody from the AIJIC board will email that member a template for a demand letter that the member will have to fill out with all the pertinent information. Please do not forward us invoices or emails that you've exchanged with the delinquent agency or law firm in question for us to figure out what the facts surrounding your specific situation was.


In the demand letter template, please include all the information about the company that owes you money. A scheduler's email alone is usually not effective. If you know little about the company, please help us by doing the appropriate research. The California Secretary of State's website is a useful resource to obtain information about an established business and the agent for service. We strongly recommend that you ALWAYS know who you're working for before working for a company for the first time.


Please be patient. Getting your demand letter ready to go out entails work that won't be completed overnight or in a matter of days. Rest assured though that your letter will be sent out.


Once the demand letter is sent out on a member's behalf with a deadline to pay, we'll email a properly formatted letter to the member for him or her to mail out to the delinquent vendor.


Many of the demand letters we've sent on behalf of our members have been successful, but some of them have been ignored, in which case we've always encouraged our members to sue in Small Claims. Whenever this happens, the only thing that we, AIJIC board members, can do if members indeed wish to sue is provide them with all the information they need to move forward with legal action. AIJIC does not file papers in Small Claims on behalf of members.


Outcomes in court are never guaranteed, but we believe that letting a delinquent company get away with not paying will encourage that company to keep doing it and burning interpreters. Taking someone to court on the other hand sends a powerful message and most often than not, interpreters who were owed money and were brave enough to sue ended up prevailing in court and their fees were reimbursed.

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