Our Mission

The Association of Independent Judicial Interpreters of California (AIJIC) is a nonprofit trade association started by a group of certified court interpreters who saw the need to take action in order to protect the legal interpreting profession in the private sector, which has been steadily deteriorating in recent years. The following are some of our main goals:

Educate the legal community and agencies about the current laws governing court interpreters, particularly sections 68560.5 and 68561 of the Government Code of California, which require certified court interpreters to be used for civil, criminal or juvenile proceedings, including depositions for civil cases.

Representing the interests of independent court interpreters before the Judicial Council of California and in Sacramento in order to have a voice in matters that directly affect our profession.

Educate new interpreters about matters related to the profession.

Provide an online directory of independent judicial interpreters who are members of our association.

Encourage other interpreters to report use of non-certified interpreters hired for court proceedings and explore a way to take action by lobbying for the enforcement of Sections 68560.5 and 68561 of the Government Code.

Eventually exploring the possibility of establishing a licensing procedure as an essential step towards self-regulation for court interpreters.

Share information among ourselves about agencies.

Help our members with collection issues.

None of our goals, however, can be accomplished without your support as a member of our association. If you work for the private sector, please join us. Help us restore the profession and help it gain the respect and dignity that it deserves.

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